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Guam: An Island Paradise

Guam, Where America’s Day Begins~ย 

Guam is a small tropical island located in the Western Pacific Ocean with a population of a little over 160,000 people. It is an U.S. territory filled with diversity and beautiful beaches. People who reside on this island are called Guamanians and the indigenous people are known as the Chamorros. Their economy is fueled mainly by tourism. Thus, it’s a very popular vacation destination for those from South Korea and Japan as well as Taiwan and the Philippines because of its proximity to these small countries.

Recently, its been the focus of much media attention because of the United States’ and North Korea’s growing tensions. Despite these tensions, Guam still welcomes a plethora of tourists every day. Residents of Guam typically live a very relaxed lifestyle outside of work. Many enjoy their weekends at the beach or the swimming pools with family, friends, and coworkers.

Living on this tropical island is almost like a paradise, especially during the Summer as sunsets are beautiful to watch and weather conditions become perfect for outdoor activities. Though its weather can be unpredictable, heavy rain showers typically last less than an hour. Guam’s ocean waters are filled with biodiversity as it has a very large Coral Reef Ecosystem. Unfortunately, pollution and drastic changes in water temperatures are leading to coral bleaching and death. So, many measures are being taken to protect its Coral Reefs.

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