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Two Lovers Point

A very popular tourist attraction on Guam is Two Lovers Point, not only because of its beautiful views but also because of its legendary tragic tale of (you guessed it!) two lovers during the time the Spanish took control of Guam. It’s located in Upper Tumon; however, it may be a little tricky to find. There’s no need to worry though; There’s a trolley that picks up tourists in various locations all day and takes them directly to the location.

Two Lover’s Point is great place for couples to visit. It has a romantic ongoing practice where couples can write their initials or endearing messages declaring their love on cute heart shaped locks and put them on designated walls and railings. This practice became a popular over the years, and now there’s thousands of colorful locks with some being here for years! You can buy these cute locks at the souvenir shop and write whatever you want on them with a sharpie or you can bring your own locks. I put up my own heart lock with my boyfriend today! Check out the slideshow below to see how these heart locks look like 🙂

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Aside from the cute locks, the view itself is breath-taking because the attraction is located on the edge of a cliff. You can clearly see the different colors of blue in the ocean, the waves hitting the rocks down below, and a jungle of vegetation along the surrounding cliffs. Moreover, it’s especially beautiful when you go during the sunset! It’s best to visit when the weather is sunny. Honestly, it may give people who are afraid of heights the jitters, but it’s nothing to be scared of. There are railings for safety! Just don’t lean too far forward and don’t climb over the them please. You really don’t want to fall from this height. Also, remember to be careful with your cameras and phones. 🙂 Don’t want to drop those important electronics haha.

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The Tragic Tale:

If you want to know about the legendary tragic tale of the two lover’s… I’ll give a brief summary on it 🙂


During the time the Spanish ruled Guam, there was a beautiful girl who was the Chief’s daughter. The daughter was ordered to marry a Spanish Army Captain, but she refused to marry him because she loved another. The man she loved was a strong, handsome Chamorro warrior, but her parents forbade her from ever seeing him again as they betrothed her to the Army captain against her wishes. The two lovers ran away and met each other at the waters edge. They planned to flee the island by canoe so they could be together. However, the Spanish soldiers had appeared, ruining their canoe escape. The two lovers then fled to the summit of the cliff. There they declared their undying love and shared their last moments together as they heard the soldiers getting closer. Cornered, they tied their hairs together into a single knot and walked towards the edge. Soon the soldiers found them just as they fell over the edge. Till this day, people say that they hear the whispers of the two lovers proclaiming their undying love through the waves.

Here’s the whole story 🙂 I’m sorry if it’s a bit difficult to read. It was really hard to take a photo of this because it was right at the entrance and I had little space to adjust my camera. I tried to sharpen the image in hopes that it will be more readable !_!


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