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Who loves cute tie dye towels and shirts as well as long sleeves and accessories?? What about turtles, fishies, and other marine life? I sure do! So, why not combine the love for these two things by purchasing towels, shirts, and accessories from Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud’s Mission:
Sand Cloud is apparel company that supports a variety of non-profit organizations that help with marine conservation efforts by donating 10% of its profits to these groups. They have a list of all the ones that they support on their website. I posted the link below if anybody is curious.
Link to Sand Cloud website:

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Product Review:

I’ve ordered a total 3 shirts, 4 towels, and 1 hat over the course of a few months from Sand Cloud. They all arrived in a timely manner and in good shape. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the products smell funny from probably being in a warehouse prior to shipment, but you can get rid of the odor easily by washing them.

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The shirts and towels I got from Sand Cloud are thin and it’s great for hot weathers or activities like going to the beach, hiking, etc. I personally felt that the material was a bit rough at first, but after the first wash, it became softer. The designs are simple and cute. The colors don’t fade after washing them multiple times, which is fantastic! The sizing is accurate, though I’m skinny so the clothes look a bit loose on me. If you need a size reference, I wear a size Small and I’m 5’6.

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The long sleeve shirts are thin, but you can get hot in them really easily if you live somewhere with lots of sun. Its more reasonable to wear them after maybe a swim at the beach or pool to keep yourself warm. The hat I bought looked like the advertised picture. It even came with a whale tail pin! I gave both the hat and pin to my younger sister since I rarely wear hats and she uses hats often during golf practice.

Final Verdict: Not a Scam!
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If you are curious of the names of the products I bought…

The names of the towels are: Wanderlust Towel (Rainbow colored swirl), Luna Towel (Blue/Purple mix colored swirl), Strawberry Acid Towel (Purple/Hot Pink Colored), and Black Acid Wash Towel (Black colored). I don’t think they sell the regular sized Black Acid Wash Towel anymore, but they do still sell the XL version.

The names of the shirts are: Shark Bite Navy Long Sleeve, Tank Top White Floral, and Burgundy Whale Tail Long Sleeve.

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