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Exploring Fai Fai Beach: Guam’s Hidden Gem

Only reachable through a short 5-minute hike, Fai Fai beach is a small isolated, but beautiful beach located next to Gun Beach. It’s a little difficult to find, but the hiking entrance to the beach can be found next to a gun relic left from WWII. It’s the perfect place for those who want to experience a little adventure before enjoying a day at the beach or for couples who want to have a romantic beach walk in private. I personally like this beach because the area is usually deserted, so its very private and quiet. Its really rare to see more than a few people on Fai Fai beach. Since there is little to no people, there is also little to no trash littering the beach. Thus, the ocean water and the view is absolutely stunning and pollution free!


Finding It:

Getting to Fai Fai beach is actually quite easy. Once you get to Gun beach, a bar called “The Beach Bar” will be on your left, and Fai Fai Beach hiking entrance will be on your FAR right. There are no signs that explicitly point to the hiking entrance, so you need to find your way there by walking to the right of Gun Beach. Look for an old, rusted gun relic left from WWII.

The Gun Relic
The Hiking Entrance
Steep Stairs to the Bridge
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The relic gets easier to spot as you walk closer to the hiking entrance. There will be a set of rock steps, which is the start of the hiking trail. Just follow the trail until you come across a small bridge. Be careful when you are climbing the steps down (or up on your way back) to the bridge because the steps are pretty steep. Cross the bridge and you’ll be able to spot the beach quickly. Voila, you made it!

Hiking Difficulty: Easy

The trail itself is really easy and short, just be careful of slipping on moss or wet rocks. You’ll probably see a lot of small lizards (don’t be scared, they don’t bite! They’ll just run away) and also lots of butterflies. As I stated above, there is a small bridge that you need to cross to reach the beach. Sometimes, the waters under the bridge will be low or high depending on the tide.


When you go during high tide or during Guam’s rainy season, the ocean waters may be a bit rough so be careful if you decide to swim. When the tides are low or when it’s Guam’s sunny season, the water is usually calmer. If you do swim, regardless of high or low tide DO NOT swim too far out. You WILL get dragged by the currents. (Seriously.) Also, always go with a friend or two just for safety measures since it is an isolated beach. If one gets injured in any way, the other can go look for help.

Personal Experience:

I’ve visited this place twice while I was on Guam. Once with my friend, the other time with my little sister. When I went with my friend, it was during one of Guam’s extremely sunny days. So, it was really (LIKE REALLY) hot and bright. The tide was low and the waters were calm. There is even tree swing that you can ride on 🙂 You can tell from the picture below that it was one of the sunnier days on Guam.


However, when I went with my sister, it was near sunset and we went during Guam’s rainy season, so the sky was a little bit darker. But, regardless of the weather the beach was still beautiful and the waters were still mesmerizing. It was also during a high tide and its combination with the rainy season made the waters a bit rough, so we didn’t swim. The picture below, shows how the weather was a little darker 🙂
(I apologize for the poor quality picture. I had to use my phone camera for this picture.)

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