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I apologize for being MIA for about a month. I’ve been busy focusing on college and settling back into the university life.

On this post, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite restaurants on Guam named Aqua. Aqua is a buffet restaurant located in Tumon inside of Dusit Thani Hotel. I believe it’s on the 3rd floor and I should warn you that it is a pricey place… because… well… they serve buffet… haha


To be honest, I like this place more for its views than its food. (I know… It’s sort of illogical haha) Aqua has many wall sized windows encompassing most of the restaurant, so guests can see Guam’s beautiful beaches and skies while dining. I personally find it very relaxing to eat my breakfast or lunch here. Since Aqua is all about the views, I would recommend going on a clear, sunny day in the mornings or afternoons. I mean you can go on a rainy day or at night, but you won’t be able to see the views that truly makes this place nice to visit. As for crowdedness, I’m not very sure when it’s packed or not. I went a few times around noon and it was pretty empty.

Dessert Bar
Buffet Table
Buffet Table
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Ok, now about the food. I did mention I like Aqua for its views over the food. I honestly don’t exactly like their offered dishes. They have noodles, a bunch of different dishes of meat, sashimi, sushi, alcohol, and much more. Smack in the middle of the restaurant is a dessert bar. They usually have a chocolate fountain running with many different types of fruits placed next to it. There is a plethora of cake and bread as well. I really love the dessert bar and enjoy pigging out here haha.

I know I said that this place is a bit expensive even though the food isn’t great, but I personally really like it because of how pretty the ocean waters and clear skies look from inside Aqua. So, I thought it would be a good place to share with my audience~
Let me know what you think about Aqua in the comments! Thanks for reading 🙂



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